idk, i wanted to paint


some art of an oc i have a comic idea for, has to be fleshed out more, i think i like abusive moms too much in stories...this is what happens when you're an exceptionally good mom for most of your child's life but beat them with a spatula once when they were 6 for not getting up for school, then that same morning force them to forgive and hug you....I never forgot that morning,i really wanted my mom to die for the rest of my late childhood and early teenhood after that. What a fucking barbaric thing to do. I feel disgusted jut thinking about it.I'm gonna go vent in microblog hold on


some printmaking I've been doing!! Monoprints and drypoints on the plastic side of those cardboard packages and plastic with poster colors...print making is soo fun


woah art dump haha, can u tell what ive been thinking of and which artist ive been obsessed with? I bet u can. Roald Eats Mice, Yeah--Beth Overcomes Your Death Ecstaticly now Loves Life


More cute daisies!


Some guys, I thinkkk this idea will be my next comic...no promises tho. There will be a lot of worms and freakiness. Yeah.


The red eyed sheet would've been drawn in paint if I wasn't such a coward. Anyway, Daisy in some cute dresses :). I just got the ending kind of sorted out (slightly unsaitsfied so I'll change it a bit) but yeah.


stuff from my old layout again.


Stories never truly end. Anyways, I missed the characters from my "girl boss wife" comic so i drew them.


drawn sometime before

quick reupload of this cause i took it down from my website's home page hehe


been dabbling in pixel art lately...this is isabella i love them..


my evil girl oc purime who is a man-eating PARASITE!


my little man who is so hungry for love


sebyeok and sesam from netkama punch on a beachh

sebyeok and heejae from netkama punch making out yay

im so sick of making my comic i made this painting to release myself(Haha)


This took me two days and I love her


nudity warning


glorius cat maid kim seyeongs from netkama punch... the side story where kim seyeong gets a job at a cat maid cafe is so good


sneak peak of the comic im working onnn, i think it'll take me 3 months ish to make

drawn 29/3/24, posted 16/4/24

this is kinda ugly as hell but I'm uploading it, it's mi ocs daisy and axon... I'm almost done with the script for their comic but I think I'll change the endiing later when I come up with something better.